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Vintage Watch and Chronograph Repair and Restoration

Announcement to all of my watch customers:

Effective 1-1-2019, I am retiring from watch repair and restoration. I will finish all of the scheduled projects through December and January. I will not be taking on any new projects starting 12-1-2018. The reason is that I have some health issues that restrict what I can do with many types of watch repairs. 

The watch repair business has been a rewarding experience and I am most thankful that I became involved starting in 2000. At 74, I have some other things that I want to do in my lifetime and I do not want to put them. Thank you all for your support. Sincerely, S. Craig Bergsma

Mechanical wristwatch service includes disassembly, cleaning, installing new mainspring, oiling, adjusting and timing (parts & mainspring costs are additional). A minimum fee of $75.00 is charged for evaluation and estimate. This non-refundable fee will be applied to the repair charges when the work is complete. Insured shipping with tracking both ways is required. I specialize in the restoration of the LeCoultre Futurematics and have many parts for these. Dial refinishing can be accommodated but this work is sent out to the suppliers. If you contact me with pictures of your watch, I can give you a ballpark estimate at no charge but this estimate will not include parts prices and/or additional work that might be needed once the movement is disassembled. Please note that I consider my estimates proprietary and are not to be share with anyone else or posted on any websites/forums. Contact Chronodeco

As a personal reference I use the Chronodeco user name on eBay and my feedback speaks for itself. I frequently list restored vintage chronographs and watches for sale on eBay. I can also sent you a list of repair references upon request if you wish. If you want a ball park idea of repair costs, send me a list of the problems you are having with your watch and some close up pictures and I will try to give you a repair cost range. I can be contacted at:

The Breitling Navitimer that went through the washer and dryer over 20 years ago


I received this watch in March of 2012 with the story about how it had gone thought the washer and dryer a long time ago. It was a challenging project to say the least but a project that was very rewarding to finish for this customer. Here is the letter that he wrote after he received the completed watch:

"I will definitely wear the Breitling now that it is fixed, especially next time I see my dad. Like I have said before, he gave me the Breitling after I soloed his J-3 Cub. He bought the Cub way back in 1963 when he was 20 years old (the cub is two years older than he is). He has had the Cub longer than he has known my mom and always joked with her she would go before the Cub would. He was shipped over to Vietnam shortly after buying the Cub, and even though he has never talked much about it, he either bought the Breitling when he was overseas or right after he got back.

I soloed the Cub in high school and he gave me the watch the same day. He was my instructor, so we always had a great time together flying. He said the watch was just something he picked up back in his Air Force days, but never really said much more about it. I cringe now, but I wore it as a daily watch because it was a "cool aviator style watch". I didn't really have an appreciation for its value, neither monetary nor sentimental. I would always put it in my pants pockets when I dressed out for track practice and sure enough, I forgot to take it out of my pants one day and that's when it went through the washer and dryer. My mom found it and knew it was broke and gave it to me and told me to make sure my dad never knew what happened. Man did I ever feel guilty and ashamed.

I put it in a box and left it there for years, always feeling guilty about what I did. It wasn't until recently when my wife was cleaning out some boxes that she found it and asked if I still wanted it. That's when started searching the web and I tracked you down. The funny thing is, my dad recently lost his medical certificate and couldn't fly the Cub anymore, so he sold it to me for $1.00. When we were moving it from St. Louis Missouri out to Johnson City Tennessee where I live now, he actually asked if I still had the Breitling he gave me. I told him I still had it, but probably needed to get it serviced since I hadn't worn it "in a while". I told him the Cub and the Breitling were the two things he never had to worry about me getting rid of.

So needless to say, having you getting the watch back into working condition meant a lot more to me than just fixing a valuable watch. In some ways it is like you have erased a lot of the guilt I have had over it for the last 20 years. For that, I can't thank you enough. This summer I plan on flying the Cub back to St. Louis to fly it again with my dad, and you can bet I will have the Breitling on my wrist when I do!

Thank you for all you have done,


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