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Restoration Examples

Restoration of a Classic Breitling Watch

My favorite and most interesting testimonial about a vintage Breitling that was involved in a USPS truck fire in May of 2014.... "If you are looking for someone who will go above and beyond for you then Craig is definitely your guy. My son received a vintage Breitling Navitimer watch recently that was passed down to him from his girlfriend's eighty five year old grandfather. No one could work on it including Brietling because it was a vintage watch. I searched the Internet, found Craig, took a leap of faith and mailed it to him. Craig did a fantastic job. However, to my dismay when the watch was shipped back I never received it. Originally we suspected postal theft. Craig contacted the local postal supervisor and found out that unbelievably the mail truck was involved in a head on collision which caused a fire and destroyed 875 of the 1500 packages. A week later we found out the package had survived the fire. He drove to the post office himself to pick up and inspect the package for smoke and water damage. When he opened the package the watch worked like a champ. He was also kind enough to keep it over the week end to make sure it was running properly. Now my son not only has the family heirloom back, thanks to Craig, but one heck of a story to pass down with the watch. Craig went the extra steps to make sure that watch got back to my son and I am truly grateful." Holly June 2014

Restoration of a Classic 20s Enamel Dial Watch

Before After

Vintage 1950s Landeron based gold plated chronograph called the "Half-Fast" watch shows 1/2 restored to illustrate the extremes of before and after my work.




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