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I am a retired metallurgical engineer and a full time watchmaker/restorer now. I have always been interested in mechanical wristwatches and chronographs and had used them frequently in some of my past pursuits of racing motorcycles, R.C. sailplanes and racing sailboats back in the 60s and 70s. Sometime around 2000, I started collecting older mechanical watches and chronographs and decided to learn more about how they work and how to repair them.

Early on, I bought a basic book on watch repair to get started. This was later followed by some 30 + different and much more complex watch and chronograph repair books, several videos on watch repair plus a lot of advice from experienced watchmakers. Now, after over 1000 restorations of vintage watches and chronographs, I feel quite competent working on mechanical watches. I was also able to use my metallurgical background to develop a way to refinish and replate worn or corroded watch cases. I now have numerous collectors that send their prized vintage watches for repair and restoration from all over the world.


Thanks for your interest. S. Craig Bergsma

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