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Customer Testimonials

" It came today...

Oh God...its FABULOUS!!

Even better than the photo's...I just LOVE it " .

A.M. - UK

" I just returned home to find that my 1968 had arrived. It is FABULOUS! You've done it again. I am very pleased - it's a great looking watch. I especially like knowing that it's hand made and very limited. I'm quite pleased with my choice of dials - it was something I agonized over " .

W. H. - Indiana

" Received the two 1968 watches today. I always thought your proofs of

these watches were exciting and enticing. But these watches are even better on the wrist " .

C.J. - Arizona

" The 1968 arrived yesterday, and it is definitely a keeper " .

D.C. - Colorado


"Chronodeco arrived this AM safely and I want to thank you for a terrific creation. It is truly beautiful. The watch is everything it was described in IWW. I am in awe of your self taught watch making abilities.

This watch will be carefully used and appreciated by this collector--again, I am grateful you are sharing your creation with some of us who don't know how! "

Best wishes and luck.
Wayne Chan

Dear Craig,

"I just received my watch today. I am really beyond satisfied! The watch is beautiful!!!!

Your sense of style and taste in watches is impeccable. My wife and I have not seen anything like it in many trips to look at watches. I was planning to buy a new high quality mechanical chronograph this year. I really question if I need to anymore. I can't think of any watch I was considering that has the visual beauty of yours. I think the period design of this watch appeals to me more than any of the modern ones.

The magazine photos really don't do this watch justice. It fairly glows! I will happily recommend your watches to anyone who asks you for a reference, just give them my email. I can't thank you enough for producing such a great watch and getting it into my hands so quickly. "

Gary Moller


"It has arrived. I'm wearing it now! It's beautiful. I'm really very impressed. I wouldn't trade my Metropolis for five Rolexes. You can quote me on that, too. The only way I can think of to improve them would be for the case to be solid 14kt gold rather than plaque with gold plate, but that's no big thing. I just like gold ;) . It's just a little large for my wrist-it's a man's watch after all-but not so that it looks funny. All chrono functions work and reset properly."

Tori Avalon

“1968” Testimonials: (August and September orders)

WOW! I just got my watch today. As I mentioned I was saving up for a $2-3000 classic Tag Heuer Carrera. Forget it! This watch is soo much more distinctive. The fit is just perfect! I also love the band you selected for it. It is a very nice quality band. I have about 10 mechanical chronographs and I know that (band quality) can be dicey sometimes. I just can't say enough how much I love this watch! Please feel free
to post my comments on your site if you would like.
Kent F

My watch arrived today!! Its simply awesome!!!! I love the watch. It is very unique and the numbered engraving is topping on the cake and I now own the No. 1 out of 5 - :). Thank you very much for building the watch for me. I will start saving some money perhaps to a different model.
Charles M

Just wanted you to know that I got the watch today, and it's awesome.
Blake S

The watch arrived. What a beaut. I only had a few minutes to admire it. You were right about the look of the dial. It has the feel of a classic. It is already growing on me. It is a keeper. Thank you for your work.
Koorosh I

Awesome watch, just got it today... My wife will put it away as a
Christmas present. It is an awesome piece for my collection.
Michael S

I really love those watches (he purchased 2 Series I). I’m glad I got them both.
Horace T

Recent Posts From The Breitling Watch Source Forum

Rarely am I lost for words Craig, but that is simply unbelievable. The quality of the work is just exceptional, you get all my restoration business from this point forward.
The movement of a piece this old would likely not be signed - I would be more wary of it if it were, and as you say the caseback not being signed is also correct.
I hope that this piece will be a fitting tribute to the gentleman's father.

WOW! Craig, that's crazy!

Craig. I am just now starting to appreciate the real vintage works. Will likely not buy one for a great while and will NEVER be a Roffensian. But I can certainly appreciate fine restoration having restored many cars MUCH older than that watch. Good Sir, that is a masterful restoration. You are to be commended. Any more work like that and Roff should talk to you about that ancient pocket watch he posted on. VERY impressive!

That is absolutely incredible.

Firstly Craig, I can guarantee that if ever I am in need of any refurbishment work on a watch, you will be getting my business. No question.
Secondly, it gives me real joy to know that the watches I own today (especially as they are all mechanical) can always be restored back to fantastic condition. Considering how far gone that 40's model was, the results are nothing short of spectacular.


Craig, I take my hat off to you. WOW, that is a great job.

Your usual great job Craig!

the Metropolis

Phaeton Testimonial

"Antonia gave me this watch for my 36th birthday. It's a Chronodeco Phaeton. I've always wanted an old fashioned mechanical chronograph, like the one my Grandad left to my Uncle. Or the one my Mum got for my Dad back in the early sixties. So I was overjoyed with my Phaeton, especially since it's quite different from the kind of watch you might get at your high street jeweler. It's bespoke, and one of only twelve built by its maker. "

"The Phaeton was produced by Craig Bergsma. Craig builds hand made chronographs under the Chronodeco label. The watches are assembled in very short production runs from new old stock. New old stock being unused parts from the 40s and 50s. A classic Swiss mechanical movement by Landeron is employed. Each customer gets to specify detail like the colouring of watch face numerals, and combination of hands. The result is a completely individual watch, built to a bespoke specification, at an extremely reasonable price. It looks and feels like something from my grandparent's generation. Strangely, it also looks and feels brand new. It's something I couldn't get from a high street jeweler who'd charge me a fortune for the same mass produced brands worn by everyone else, and faked in the far east."

"I'm very happy with my watch. If you think you might like something similar, I can't recommend Craig highly enough. He's a pleasure to do business with, and his product is outstanding. "

John O'Sullivan, England


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